I wanted to introduce myself to my growing community of artists and collectors!

My name is Becca Lynn. I'm a 19 year old aspiring artist with a lot on my plate.

I'm currently a Screenprinter at Satellite Screen Printing and a Tattoo Apprentice at Speed Demons Tattoo. There are so many things and business ideas I have and want to accomplish so I've brought them here to share with all of you!

I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and I've had so many amazing opportunities within the art community to grow and expand my art skills. 

I wanted to not only showcase and sell my artwork, but create a network and community of artists right here! 

I want to showcase artists from around the world through interviews and viewings of their artwork on my blog. I also want to be able to showcase my views and ideas of Art and the Art industry.

My goals and aspirations with my store and blog is to create a place where artists can come for Inspiration, Motivation, and New Thought Processes.

With so many different kinds of art from Traditional drawing to Digital Art to Sculpting, I think there is an endless amount of things to learn! What better way to learn than from people around the world who do these things on a daily basis!

I hope you all will consider joining the Mail Subscription so you can stay up to date on new posts and learn from one another!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,