Featured Artist of the Week: Lizzie Hamilton

Welcome to our first "Featured Artist of the Week"!

This week we'll be talking to Lizzie Hamilton, a visionary artist with a passion for science and nature. Lizzie is a full-time artist working from her home studio in Pennsylvania. Working with acrylic, oil, and mixed media, Lizzie creates masterpieces of her visions. She incorporates bright and beautiful colors in almost all of her works. Her use of color theory, painting techniques and her open mind is what makes a Lizzie Hamilton painting what it is.

Looking at Lizzie's pieces, you can see the deep underlying reasons for what she's painting. Her works have strong passion and emotion, something that artists struggle with to show through on their works. It's clear that her passion for art is intense and that she loves what she does. Some of her pieces could be referred to as "Activism Art" because she shows her views and passions of the world in extreme forms compared to other artists.

Originally living off portrait Commissions, Lizzie has moved into living off her own original pieces. Although living off Originals is a much harder business for Artists, Lizzie has found the ways to thrive and push full force with her art.

I've asked Lizzie some questions about her art and some of her views on the Art Industry, Social Media, and more.

What is your definition of Art?

"Art is anything that comes from a source of inspiration."

This is the most important question that I will be asking Artists all around the world.

What is your definition of Art?

This question is one of the most important questions to ask because every Artist and person around the world will have a different standpoint on what art is and what art is supposed to be. This will be a big discussion topic along the way, trying to find a balance as to what art is or isn't.

Lizzie's definition of art is beautiful, it opens up an infinite amount of possibilities for "Art". Anything that comes from a source of inspiration.

"Inspiration" - Lizzie Hamilton

What would you consider your art style?

"I would consider my art style to be "Visionary" because many times my subject matter depicts art that represents deep philosophical insights and are visions I have that aren't typical to the everyday life."

"Save Me" - Lizzie Hamilton
Why did you choose art?

"To take nothing and create something, is why art. It's the deepest passion I could have."

What are your plans as an Artist?

"To inspire people, and to express reality infinitely in the most creative ways I see fit."

How do you believe Social media influences your art and career?

"Social Media is my biggest platform for sales."

This question is a really big topic of discussion in the Art Industry, whether Social Media has helped or hurt the art industry. I've talked to artists who believe Social Media is ruining the art industry and how we see each other and ourselves as artists.

I believe it is very important to get Artists inputs on this question because we should be able to see each side of the scale.

For Lizzie, Social Media is how she primarily sells her artwork. Through places like Facebook Marketplace, Selling groups, and other platforms. Many artists fall into this category of doing online sales through Social Media Marketing because it's quick, easy, and effective.

Many artists don't attend conventions or become vendors to sell their artwork because of the hassle and time it takes to prepare for such events. It goes to show that Social Media may not be all bad in the Art Industry, but it is a topic we will discuss further with other Artists.

What is your favorite piece of artwork you've created? Why?

"My favorite piece of artwork that I've made is "Insanity" because it was painted out of a profound realization of reality and represents the core of reality."

"Insanity" - Lizzie Hamilton
What is your lease favorite piece of artwork you've created? Why?

"I am not sure that I have a least favorite, their have been times I have hated a painting an then found its value the next day."

Do you collect art?

"I do, my own as well as up and coming artists."

Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years?

"I see myself very independently wealthy from my work, and continuing to use my success to continue creating and sharing my passion with the world."

"Einstein" - Lizzie Hamilton

What advice can you give other upcoming artists?

"My #1 advice is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, you absolutely can make success in your life as an artist."

What advice can you give Artists on getting through "Art Block"?

"I notice I get "Art Block" when I actually have TOO many ideas all at one time and then I can't decipher which to actually do first so I do none, I get past this by organizing a list so that I can accomplish one at a time without feeling overwhelmed."

Do you think Artists should support other Artists?

"Yes absolutely, because we know that passion, drive and inspiration it takes to make art and what it means from the heart."

What is the best way to help support Artists?

"Purchase their art if you can, or encourage them to continue creation as well as sharing their work with other potential buyers."

Lizzie Hamilton is an extraordinary artist. Her views and lifestyle may be outside the "Normal", but that is simply what makes her who she is.

Her artwork is undeniably beautiful, the bright colors and saturation, the whimsical imagery, her technique of painting. It's simply stunning.

It's incredible to see what other Artists are doing around the world and how they do it. It's beautiful to see the different views, lifestyles, and passions that make artists who they are. I'm abundantly grateful for Lizzie willing to share her experience, views, and advice with all of you.

If you want to see more of Lizzie Hamilton's work visit her Facebook.

Until next week,

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