A little piece of Fall Fun to carry with you all year long!


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3" Inch Hard Enamel Pin


Gold Plated

Fall Snake Enamel Pin

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  • To care for your new pin, here's a few things you can do to keep it in perfect condition!

    If your pin isn't going on a board, make sure to clean it off at the end of the day and try not to bump it into many things.

    If your storing your pins, make sure they all have backings on them as to keep them from getting scratched or damaged.

  • For any Pin Returns:

    If you're pin comes in damaged due to Parcel, or if it is flawed in a major way, you can return your pin and have a new one shipped to you.

    If your pin is minorly flawed (As many pins come with minor flaws from Manufaturers) or if it isn't the size you expected, Returns will not be accepted.